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Conveying a sense of femininity comes down to more than the outfit you choose. Women hold their bodies in different ways than men. These subtle differences in body language can make it difficult to truly appear feminine, even with a dress and full make-up on. Paying close attention to the way you carry yourself will help you adopt a more feminine gait. With a little practice, walking in a feminine manner will become second nature.

Focus your weight into your hips. Men tend to walk with their weight in their arms or stomachs. Think of a model walking a runway – her steps are light and her shoulders are back.

Swing your hips as you step. While an overly enthusiastic swing will certainly be noticeable, most women walk with a subtle hip swing. Practice by walking around your home and exaggerating the swing, then tone it down when you hit the street.

Slow it down. If you observe women in a retail store or casual setting, you will notice that they tend to browse and meander. It’s not uncommon for a woman to walk like she’s on a mission, but mimicking these browsing habits can make you appear more feminine.

Swing your arms gently and point your elbows in toward your torso. A light swing comes off as feminine, and turning the elbows results in creating a smaller silhouette.

Relax your muscles and allow your body to move more fluidly. If you’re wearing a wig, ensure it is secured so you can move your head freely. Rigid posture will make you appear more manly than feminine.


Every woman is different. If you’re having difficulty with your feminine walk, visit a park or social space in which women congregate, and find walking habits that will work well with your particular body type.