How to Use Wild Growth Oil

By Crystal Mercado

Wild Growth Oil is a hair product created with a mixture of olive, coconut and jojoba oils, and other vegetable ingredients. Its goal is to aid the growth of hair upon application, but it can also function as a moisturizer for coarse, dry hair. Depending on your hair type, treating your hair with Wild Growth Oil can be done in less than half an hour and requires very few household items to accomplish.

Wild growth oil can help your hair grow.

Step 1

Part your hair in four equal quarter sections using a comb.

Step 2

Shake the Wild Growth bottle vigorously to thoroughly mix the contents. The ingredients in the bottle may settle when not in use and should be shaken every time to ensure proper mixture. Wrap a towel around your shoulders and neck to avoid having the solution smear all over your skin.

Step 3

Apply 20 drops of the Wild Growth Oil to each parted hair quarter if you have coarse, dry hair that is at least 4 inches long. If your hair is shorter than 4 inches, apply only 10 drops of oil directly to your scalp. If your hair is fine and oily, only apply 5 to 15 drops directly to your scalp.

Step 4

Brush and style your hair as desired. Use the solution one to three times a week on washed, damp hair. Never use the solution while your hair is wet. Depending on use, one bottle can last up to six months.