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Sisterlocks, a natural hairstyle for women of African descent, are similar to dreadlocks, only much smaller and with a neater appearance. They can be styled in an up-do or left loose, cut or left to grow long. Only non-residue shampoo should be used on sisterlocks -- not conditioner. If you notice your scalp getting flaky, it may mean you need moisturizer. You can use Sisterlocks Moisturizing Cream for daily maintenance. Hair oil sprayed directly onto the scalp is another option if your hair is already "locked."

How to Moisturize Sisterlocks

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Shampoo your hair with a non-residue shampoo such as Sisterlocks shampoo, Suave or Neutrogena clarifying shampoo. Rinse very well.

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Squeeze the water out of your hair. Do not rub your Sisterlocks; it will make them frizzy.

Separate each Sisterlock by hand in order to prevent tangling.

Move the locks out of the way, section by section, and carefully spray hair oil or Sisterlocks product along the part-lines. Lightly massage into scalp, taking care not to rub or scrub the locks themselves.


Dilute the conditioning cream by mixing with water; apply with a spray bottle to your hair. Use one part water and one part conditioning cream.


Do not over-moisturize your Sisterlocks, especially if they are new or if your hair texture is loosely curled; the locks may come out.