By Deana Zaccaro

Synthetic braids can add length, change your style and make your hair easier to manage. Just like natural hair, synthetic braids need to be washed. The braids accumulate dirt, oil and residue, which can make them look dull. Special treatment is required when washing synthetic braids to ensure the hair remains in the best possible condition.

Synthetic braids should be washed infrequently.

Step 1

Apply braid shampoo, or 1 tsp. of regular shampoo diluted in 2 qt. of cold water, to your scalp and massage thoroughly to loosen dirt and oil.

Step 2

Rinse shampoo completely.

Step 3

Dry your braids with a towel to remove excess water.

Step 4

Spray a moisturizing braid treatment to your braids to replace moisture lost during shampooing.