Stopping the Intolerable Itching From New Braids in the Hair

By Leyla Norman

You will look and feel beautiful after you spend hours sitting while a stylist puts braids in your hair. Keeping your braids in good condition takes commitment. Proper daily care keeps them looking nice and helps them last longer. As pretty as they are, braids also are known to cause a lot of scalp itching. Daily care for your braids is also essential to keeping your head free from itch.

Elminate itch with proper daily care.

The Cause

What makes your head itch is the residue from sweat and oil that stays on your head. The key to eliminating or reducing your scalp itching is to clean your hair well on a regular basis. You must take care, however, to wash and clean your braids properly. Otherwise, you risk damaging your braids.


Shampoo your hair about once a week to keep moisture in your braids. If you wash it more often, your braids won't last as long as they could. Preserve your braids by shampooing your hair with diluted shampoo and then conditioning it with diluted conditioner. Let the water from the showerhead run over your scalp for a few minutes before you apply the shampoo and conditioner. Apply the shampoo, but don't rub it into your braids hard. Gently rinse it out. You can put scalp pomade on with natural oils after you shampoo as well.

Braid Spray

You don't want to be without braid spray if you have itchy braids. Spray it on your hair every day to keep your scalp moisturized and to cut down on the itch. You can also make your own braid spray with distilled water, a natural oil--such as grape seed, almond or jojoba--and an essential oil such as lavender. Some braid sprays have an anti-itch ingredient. If you can find one of these types of braid sprays, it's a worthwhile investment to help you get rid of your scalp itch.


If your head is prone to heavy sweating, use a cotton ball and a natural astringent such as tea tree oil to wipe the sweat and its residue off of your head between your braids on a regular basis. You could also use Sea Breeze astringent to do the job.