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No matter the hair type, locking is a delicate process that takes time and patience. Anyone who chooses to wear dreadlocks must be committed to seeing the process through to the end. Proper care and maintenance are vital, especially at night when the hair is susceptible to all kinds of damage. Create a regime to care for your dreadlocks at night.

Check for lint. Lint can easily imbed in your dreadlocks making them look unclean. Be careful when wearing clothing with fuzzy textures, like sweaters. Make sure to remove any stray particles from your hair at night. Use bed linen that doesn't shed.

Massage your scalp. A healthy scalp is important to the health of your dreadlocks. Scalp massages stimulate the skin's natural oil production relieving any itchiness and naturally moisturizing the hair.

Tie back your dreadlocks. The longer your hair gets, the more likely your dreads are to pull while you sleep. You can minimize this possibility by putting your dreadlocks up in a ponytail or bun at night.

Use a conditioning treatment. If your dreadlocks are mature (young dreadlocks could unravel), then treating your locks while you sleep is very convenient. Put a little of your favorite product on them to clean or moisturize. Just be careful not to soak your hair. Going to bed with wet locks can cause odor.

Cover your dreadlocks. Wear a cap or scarf over your locks to protect them from dryness and breakage. You can also use a silk or satin pillowcase if you are uncomfortable wearing head gear at night.