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If you've dyed your hair only to discover that your eyebrows clash or disappear against your new color, you know how useful eyebrow dye can be. Those with very light or fine eyebrows can also use eyebrow dye to make their eyebrows look fuller and more prominent. Eyebrow dyes are specially formulated to tint your eyebrows rather than change the color completely, preventing eyebrows from disappearing due to bleach or turning so dark they look painted on. Roux eyebrow dye is advertised as a reliable, aniline-free eyebrow tint safe for home use. Other kinds of dyes may contain aniline, which can cause blindness, and should be applied by professionals only.

Wash and dry your face thoroughly to remove dirt and oil from your eyebrows. This helps the tint to stick to the hairs. Make sure your eyebrows are dry before applying any tint.

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the skin around your eyebrows. This prevents the dye from leaking and staining your skin. Make sure not to touch your eyebrow hairs with the jelly; the tint will not stick to oily hairs. Use a cotton swab for precision.

Mix the eyebrow tint according to package instructions. There should be color options ranging from light to dark in the Roux eyebrow dye kit. Choose the starting color that most closely matches your eyebrows and use that section for mixture guidelines. The kit contains two bottles of solution for mixing and diluting the tint, a bottle of tint stain remover for accidents and a pack of wooden applicator sticks.

Put on a pair of swimming goggles to protect your eyes from the tint. Stir the tint lightly with an applicator stick and use the tip of the stick to lightly and evenly smooth tint over both eyebrows. Start on the inside of each eyebrow and work your way out.

Let the tint sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it away with soap and water. If the color is not deep enough, apply more tint for five to seven minutes. Take off the goggles and remove the petroleum jelly with warm water and a washcloth.