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Brows are one of the most important features on our face—they frame the face, after all. So it's important to keep them on fleek. Sadly, brow waxing, plucking, and brushing does not always keep those stray eyebrow hairs in place. Eyebrow gels, on the other hand, just might be the key as they provide a finishing touch, creating enviable eyebrows that stay in place all day. Continue reading to find out which eyebrow filler .

Choosing brow gel color

If your brows are naturally full (go you!), go for a clear gel. Clear gels allow you to tame unruly or even curly hairs that never stay in place. You'll immediately notice smoother, glossier brows that are total #goals when applying the gel.

Enhance sparse eyebrows with tinted brow gels. If you have light eyebrows, these tinted gels will add some much-needed definition to your brows. A tinted gel that complements your natural brow color creates well-structured brows that frame your face. When deciding between two colors, choose the lighter shade—you can always add pigment by layering on more product.

Step 1: Fill in your brows

Use your favorite pencil, powder or wax to fill in sparse areas on your brows. Move your pencil or brush along your natural brow line, focusing on areas that lack adequate hairs and definition. You want to add the brow pencil before the gel.

Step 2: Add a layer of gel

Remove the gel wand from the tube and gently sweep it along your brow hairs, starting from the inside and working your way to the end of your brow. Brush the wand in the direction of your natural hairline to smooth stray hairs and keep them in place.

Step 3: Run the wand above your brows

Shimmy the wand across the top of your brows, focusing on the baby fine hairs that are too small to pluck and too out of place to line. Brush these fine hairs down so that they sit flat against your skin.

Step 4: Repeat the process on stray hairs

Run the wand in an upward motion along those hard-to-tame hairs at the end of the brows. Repeating this process ensures that stray hairs stay in place all day.

Finishing touches for your brows

Be selective when shopping for a tinted brow gel. Choose one that effectively tints your brows and not your skin to avoid an unnatural, painted-on look.

The gel is just one step in shaping and defining your brows. Work the gel into your brow routine as the finishing touch to your look.

Always use an upward motion when using the wand to help create your desired brow shape.

With the wacky number of eyebrow trends that have come and gone over the past few years, it's a nice change of pace to have brow gel enter the scene and keep our eyebrows looking on fleek as we go about our day to day.