Putting a design onto a shirt or jeans can be very time consuming when sewing or embroidering. Oil sticks offer an easier alternative to decorating fabric. They can paint, stencil and decorate fabric. Oil sticks are a great tool because the paint is creamy and thick, but its stick form makes it easy to use. These sticks are made of oil paint that you can use on a variety of surfaces.

Wash and dry the fabric that you intend to use the oil sticks on. Do not wash the fabric in fabric softener or bleach. These products could affect how well the paint sticks to the fabric.

Paint your design onto the fabric using your oil stick.

Allow the paint to dry for three days.

Place the fabric on an ironing board, and place a sheet of wax paper over the fabric.

Set the iron to the appropriate setting for your fabric. For example, if the fabric is cotton, put the iron on the cotton setting. Run the iron over the wax paper. This process helps to further set the paint. After ironing, you can wash and dry the fabric normally.