How to Use Massage to Treat Cellulitis. The use of massage therapy is controversial in the treatment of cellulitis. Those who suffer from the infection first should seek the opinion of a physician. Some doctors believe certain massage techniques, used along with conventional antibiotic treatment, are beneficial if performed under strict medical guidance. Many doctors agree that massage may be helpful in preventing the development of cellulitis and thereby recommend it once the infection is gone.

Consult with your physician regarding the feasibility of massage therapy to treat cellulitis. The physician will most likely recommend not using massage until the infection is cleared. Finish your regimen of antibiotics and have the doctor recheck the area to make sure the cellulitis is completely cured.

Use massage on parts of the body not compromised by cellulitis when suffering from this condition. Massage correctly applied by someone with experience can serve to increase blood circulation and generally improve skin health. It is advisable to avoid massage on any part of a limb afflicted with cellulitis.

Employ massage therapy to help the circulation of blood throughout the limbs once the cellulitis infection has been cured. Compression massage of the extremities can aid in preventing recurrent cases of the skin infection. Find massage therapists through such online databases at the Massage Anywhere, Nationwide Massage and the American Massage Therapy Association Web sites (see Resources below).

Consider massage with special oils to facilitate blood circulation in the body following a case of cellulitis. Chocolate is known for nourishing the skin as well as improving the circulation of blood. Another choice is a clay massage. The clay is supposedly beneficial in eliminating toxins and regulating the capillaries of the skin.

Use a manual lymphatic drainage massage technique to treat lymphedema. Those who have this condition are prone to developing cellulitis on a recurrent basis and often develop more serious cases of the condition than non-sufferers. This type of massage works to aid the lymph flow and ultimately remove liquid from the affected area. Ask your doctor for a referral to a therapist trained in this specific type of massage.


Most physicians recommend against the use of massage during an active infection of cellulitis.