How to Use Eucalyptus for Skin Infection. Eucalyptus is one of the most highly medicinal plants growing on the earth today, as it is a natural analgesic, deodorant and immune system stimulant which also has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Due to the all around healing qualities of eucalyptus, the oil makes a great treatment for just about any type of skin infection.

Create a healing, antiseptic body wash which can be used to both treat and prevent skin infections, from fungal infections to eczema. Mix 1 part eucalyptus essential oil with 10 parts clean water and apply to a soft, clean cloth. Gently cleanse any affected areas two to three times a day.

Heal infected acne, bug bites, skin ulcers and other small, localized infections faster by mixing a 50/50 solution of aloe vera gel and eucalyptus oil. Cover the area with the gel solution and then protect with an adhesive bandage. Leave in place overnight.

Soothe the dryness and itching of skin infections while helping to clear infection by creating a healing massage oil, safe for daily use. Mix 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil for every 2 cups of olive oil and massage into clean, affected skin.

Treat and prevent athlete's foot, ringworm, jock itch and other fungal skin infection by mixing a 50/50 solution of eucalyptus oil and water. For athlete's foot, soak your feet in the solution for 10 or 15 minutes each night before bed. For other areas of the body, soak a clean gauze bandage in the solution, wringing out the excess water and then apply to the affected area, leaving overnight.

Add 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to a warm bath and soak for 10 or 15 minutes two or three times weekly to help clear skin infections fast.


Eucalyptus products should not be used by people with asthma, liver or kidney conditions, high blood pressure or women who are pregnant or nursing.