If you’ve ever smelled eucalyptus, you know that it’s an acquired smell. Most people either love it or hate it, as it’s a very natural, strong, earthy fragrance. Eucalyptus oil is used by aroma therapists and herbalists for a variety of therapeutic benefits. The Aborigines of Australia were actually the first to use it as a fever reducer and skin treatment. Though it takes about 110 lbs. of eucalyptus leaves to make 2 lbs. of oil, you can attempt the process on a much smaller scale.

Things You'll Need

Crush the eucalyptus leaves ever so slightly using your fingers. This releases the leaves’ essential oils.

Mix the oil and leaves together in a large crock pot. Use a ratio of 1/4 oz. of leaves for every 1 cup of oil.

Set the crock pot on low and “cook” the mixture for at least six hours. Alternatively, the leaves and oil can be mixed in a mason jar and left in the sun for two weeks.

Strain the oil using a cheese cloth after the time has elapsed (either six hours or two weeks).

Pour the oil into a clean mason jar, label it with the contents and the date it was created, and store the oil in a cool, dry spot. The shelf life for eucalyptus oil is about six months. If refrigerated, it can last longer.


  • Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a handkerchief and breathing in the aroma may reduce cold symptoms.

  • Eucalyptus has germicidal properties that enable it to assist in the healing of insect stings or bites, ulcers, burns, and other similar wounds.

  • Avoid using any cheese cloth that has been bleached as it will contaminate the final product.

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