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Through the years, the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford have had people extending their eyeliner a bit further to create the illusion of a beauty mark. An integral part of many iconic beauty looks, moles add character to the face. If you're naturally gifted with a beauty mark but would like to change up your look, you'll need to work with higher coverage products. Switch up your makeup routine to conceal moles without feeling like you're wearing a mask.

The Base

Moisturized skin and concealer serve as the base for your makeup. Treating your skin before applying makeup will help it to last longer and produce more natural results. Massage an exfoliating cleanser into damp skin using upward-circular motions and rinse with warm water. While your skin is still damp, pat a moisturizer formulated for your skin type into it. Pour a dime-sized amount of tattoo concealer that matches your skin tone onto the back of your hand. Dip a clean concealer brush into the product and gently pat it over the mole once. Continue to pat the concealer until the pigmentation is no longer visible.

Selecting Foundation and Powder

High coverage products need to be called in to conceal the pigmentation of a mole. Use a matte foundation that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Matte products last longer than dewy finishes, which will highlight the area. Have the makeup artist or sales associate test it on your face instead of your hand, as they are different tones entirely. Select a powder to set the foundation for lasting results. Pressed powders offer additional coverage when dealing with high pigmentation, while loose powders set everything in place without adding more color.

Applying Foundation and Powder

The right technique will allow you to use minimal product to create a skin-like finish. Wait 5 minutes after applying your concealer, and position yourself in natural light for a realistic view of your skin. Dip your concealer brush into the foundation and gently pat it onto the mole once. Pat the remaining foundation on the brush around the mole. Blending the edges creates the most natural effect, while allowing the surface of the mole to stay completely covered. Sweep a powder brush over the powder, and gently pat it over the mole twice. Apply a layer of powder to the rest of your face for an even tone.

Touch Ups

Freshen up your makeup throughout the day for lasting and comfortable results. If you have oily skin, keep the powder on hand to pat onto the mole as required. Opt for a setting spray if you have dry skin. Setting sprays add hydration to prevent a dry look, while making makeup transfer-proof. Avoid reapplying concealer, as too many layers will look heavy and obvious. Gently massage a cleansing oil into your skin and rinse with warm water to remove your makeup. Cleansing oils, as well as natural oils like coconut oil, cut through heavy makeup with ease to leave skin nourished again.