By Maggie Hira

There may come times in your life when you may wish to cover up certain tattoos in visible locations like the arms, legs and shoulders. Job interviews, a wedding day or other formal occasions usually call for a more professional overall look. Since tattoos are permanent, and very costly to remove, your best bet is to use thick MAC tattoo cover makeup to temporarily cover up all of your ink.

Use Mac Tattoo Cover Makeup

Step 1

Wash the tattooed area and pat dry.

Step 2

Make sure to match the MAC tattoo cover makeup to the skin around your tattoo. Test out a few colors on your skin to help you decide which one best matches your skin tone.


Apply a generous amount of MAC tattoo cover makeup onto your tattoo. The bigger the tattoo, the more makeup you should apply.

Step 4

Blend evenly around the edges of the tattoo and onto the non-tattooed area of your skin that surrounds the tattoo. Use the sponge or concealer brush to blend well into the skin.

Step 5

Layer on more of the MAC tattoo cover makeup as needed. Sometimes if the tattoo is black or very dark, it can bleed through a single layer of cover-up. So, add on a second or third layer of the cover makeup and blend in thoroughly. Layering also provides a more natural look and prevents any bleed-throughs.