How to Use Iontophoresis for Facials. Iontophoresis is a facial treatment method of restoring skin by encouraging elastin production with electrode stimulation while infusing the skin with vitamins. If you are interested in incorporating iontophoresis into your next facial at your next spa visit, here's how the process works.

Apply a vitamin rich facial mask to the face and neck area. This mask acts as both a conductor for the electrical current and a way to deliver key vitamins directly into the layers of the skin. As the mask dries it will harden into a plastic state, locking in moisture below the surface.

Use a machine specifically designed for iontophoresis to conduct this treatment. A specially designed iontophoresis machine will generate a small but intermittent electric current that is specifically made to stimulate the skin and deliver the correct current to revitalize the skin during the facial treatment.

Stimulate the skin underneath the vitamin rich mask by applying electrodes along the hairline and just below the shoulder. Gradually turn up the electricity level delivered to the electrodes. The amount of electricity moving through the mask is minimal and at best will cause your skin to feel a slight tingle. Leave the mask on and continue the electrode stimulation for about 20 minutes.

Remove electrodes and then remove the vitamin rich mask for a revitalized, youthful glow. This method of skin rejuvenation has long lasting effects and the treatments does not need to be repeated more than three to six times to get the maximum benefit of this type of facial.