Spa treatment
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Facial saunas open pores and leave skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. Steaming your face helps release impurities from beneath the skin's surface and has been used since times immemorial to achieve younger-looking skin. Steaming can increase blood flow, help shed dead skin cells and loosen blackheads. Facial saunas typically heat steam to roughly 110 degrees Fahrenheit, an optimal temperature for facial steaming, and should not be used on irritated or acne-prone skin.

How to Steam Your Face

When preparing for a facial steam, use only distilled or spring water. Herbs and essential oils may be added for an aroma-therapeutic treatment tailored for your skin's needs. Add several drops of essential oil or herbs of your choice directly to distilled water. If you don't have loose herbs on hand, use an herbal or green tea bag. Tie your hair back and wait for the steam to become fragrant. Using a towel, form a tent over your head to capture steam and lean over the facial sauna. After five to 10 minutes, or whenever steam dissipates, lightly exfoliate your skin and apply toner or moisturizer, if desired.