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Facial exfoliation removes dead skin cells and stimulates underlying tissue. The process keeps pores from becoming clogged and creates a healthy, vibrant appearance. Meanwhile, the heat from a sauna also opens pores, kills bacteria and allows oil and dirt to be easily wiped away. Carefully combining the two processes is often beneficial. Use a portable facial sauna, or exfoliate after sitting in a full-body dry sauna. Whether wet or dry, heat from a sauna is beneficial to skin.

Lightly wash face thoroughly using a mild soap or facial wash. There is no need to scrub skin during this step as you will be exfoliating later. Pat dry with a clean towel.

Sit in sauna or steam face using a portable tabletop steamer for five minutes or until the pores begin to open. If you are in a full-body sauna, you may wish to pour a cup of water on the hot rocks to produce steam. Never pour water on the rocks in an electric sauna.

Pat face dry with a clean towel. Apply facial exfoliating scrub and rub skin gently in a circular motion. If you are in a full-body sauna, leave the sauna before you apply the scrub.

Apply exfoliating scrub by gently rubbing skin in a circular motion for about 20 to 30 seconds. Do not apply pressure or scrub for an excessive amount of time. Your pores are already open from the sauna and the skin is apt to be easily irritated.

Splash face with warm water from a bowl or faucet until skin feels clean and the majority of the exfoliating cream is removed. Wipe with a damp facecloth and splash with cool water to close the pores again.

Steam face or reenter sauna for another five minutes. Splash face with cold water when done. Pat dry with clean towel.


Drink 8 oz. of water before and after the sauna to remain hydrated.


Follow any existing instructions or warnings on sauna usage; for example, do not enter a sauna if you are pregnant, have been drinking alcohol or have a history or high blood pressure. Never spend an extended amount of time in sauna.

Do not use harsh exfoliating scrubs if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.