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African-American women can face an abundance of skin problems because their skin is more voluminous, with a thicker more dense dermis than other skin types. The melanin in darker skin tones creates susceptibility to injury like scarring, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, and sensitivity, according to Berkeley, Calif., dermatologist Terri Dunn. Darker skin requires special care during cosmetic procedures, along with the need for continuous skin care and maintenance. Facials can be an effective way to improve skin texture and lessen skin problems, and certain types can be more beneficial for African American women than others.

Alpha Hydroxy Facials

Alpha hydroxy facials help to improve surface smoothness of skin. Alpha hydroxy acids, which are able to reach deep layers of skin, are found in fruit and are beneficial on skin with blemishes. Skin is cleansed and exfoliated, then an alpha hydroxy mask is applied. After it has cured, the mask is removed, revealing fresher, more radiant skin. Alpha hydroxy-based facials are most beneficial for African-American women who have hyperpigmentation or blemished skin.

Galvanic Facials

Galvanic facials use a special machine that uses electric current to introduce water-soluble materials into the skin. This process can be ideal for African-American skin because it alleviates dryness associated with thicker skin. Moreover, galvanic facials remove pore congestion that leads to acne and blemishes. With galvanic facials, blackheads are removed and skin is rejuvenated.

Collagen Facials

While collagen facials are ideal for anyone with aging skin, they are especially beneficial for African-American women who suffer from uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Collagen facials use molecular levels of collagen that penetrate deep into the skin. The process begins with gentle cleansing and exfoliation. Then the skin is massaged with a collagen-based cream together with a galvanic tool to help the collagen penetrate the skin.