Fraxel and Pixel lasers treat wrinkles, acne scars and photoaging. Unlike traditional ablative laser resurfacing, which vaporizes the skin's entire surface, these lasers are selectively applied to the skin, creating a grid-like pattern of evenly spaced microscopic wounds.

Fraxel Laser

Fraxel lasers are CO2 lasers and deliver more heat to skin tissue, according to the Colorado Center for Photomedicine. This results in greater collagen stimulation, making Fraxel lasers a better choice for patients seeking a more dramatic improvement.

Pixel Laser

Pixel lasers are Erbium lasers, which penetrate skin tissue less deeply than a Fraxel laser. Pixel laser therapy also requires multiple treatments for optimal results.


Both the Fraxel and Pixel lasers are used to treat aged or damaged skin.


Results vary depending on the intensity of treatment and the type of laser used. A single Fraxel re:pair treatment will deliver more dramatic results than multiple Pixel treatments. However, several Pixel treatments would be more appropriate for acne scars than a similar number of treatments with the gentler Fraxel re:fine laser, which is more suitable for minor skin damage.

Recovery Time

Depending on the intensity of treatment, recovery time can take anywhere from a single day to up to 10 days following a Fraxel laser treatment. Pixel laser recovery time takes between three and seven days.