How to Use Hair Wax without Making a Mess

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Fierce hair styles need control and a styling product to prevent flyaway hairs. Hair wax is a thick-texture hairstyling product that contains wax and works as a holding agent to achieve a wet, messy look. Using the product on a hairstyle will give the hair a good chance of not drying out and makes the hair easier to style. Be careful when applying hair wax because of the greasy texture which can lead to making a mess. Knowing how to apply the wax without making a mess will determine the effectiveness of the styling product.

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How To Use Hair Wax Without Making A Mess

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Scoop out a dime size amount of hair wax. The reason for the small amount is to prevent the wax from getting all over the hands, face and work area. Also, you want to work a small amount of the product into the hair at a time. People tend to use too much of the wax which can lead to greasy-looking hair. Also, too much product will make the hair feel greasy.

Use the fingertips to remove the wax from the container. Never make the mistake of using both hands to remove the product from the container. If so, this will lead to a big mess. Applying hair wax involves a special technique. You want to use the index finger, ring finger and middle finger to remove the product from the container. Take the fingertips with wax and rub the fingers around in a circle on the palm of your left hand. According to The Hair Styler, warming up the wax will make the wax easy to distribute through the hair.

Forcefully rub the hair wax through the hair to avoid any clumps. According to The Virtual Hair Care website, the correct way to apply the product is to roughly distribute the styling product down the length of your hair until the product is no longer visible in the hair. If the product is not smooth throughout the hair, then this will lead to big clumps of wax throughout the hair. Also, the hair will appear messy and dirty. You don't want to miss any spots when applying the product because the wax tends to dry fast.

Do not apply hair wax to long hair. The product works best on short to medium hair. Long hair tends to look greasy and stringy. If you apply the wax to long hair or apply too much to hair then you will need to wash the product out of the hair. With a clean head of hair, you can start fresh with trying a new hairstyle and applying a styling product.


  • Keep a hand towel handy to wipe away excess hair wax.