how to make thick hair go thin

There are all kinds of products available to make thin hair thicker, but finding products and methods to make thick hair appear thinner is much more difficult. Changing the way you care for your hair or the way your hair is cut will go a long way in making your thick hair appear smooth and thin. Combining techniques is the best way to achieve the look you desire.

Change your shampoo regularly. Shampoos can contain ingredients that build up on your hair and make each hair thicker, just like with other hair products. Changing your shampoo regularly can remove that buildup and make your hair appear thinner.

Avoid thick or waxy hair conditioners, or eliminate hair conditioners from your showering routine altogether. Hair conditioners can coat and plump up individual hairs, making your hair appear thicker. Spray hair detanglers can be used if tangles are a problem, since shampooing will remove any buildup between use.

Straighten your hair. Curly or wavy hair looks thicker than straight hair. A hair stylist can chemically straighten your hair for a more permanent solution, or you can use a flat iron to make your thick hair straight at home.

Change your hairstyle. Medium-length styles tend to look fuller than very long hair or very short hair. You may also consider pulling your thick hair back to make it look thinner.

Cut your hair. An experienced hair stylist can use cutting methods such as layering or razor cutting to thin your thick hair. Thinning shears are a type of hair-cutting shear specifically designed to make thick hair appear thinner.