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When your hair starts thinning, it can be a blow to your confidence as a woman. Hair is one of the first things people notice, which is why so many women spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year to maintain their ‘dos. If your hair has recently started thinning, you may want to purchase a product that builds up your hair’s strength and induces hair growth. If your hair has always been thin or you’d rather not use a product, a new hairstyle could be just the trick to giving your hair body and volume.

Short Haircuts and Styling

An appropriate haircut can make thin hair look thicker. Bangs and short hair are two quick tricks to thickening your hair, but avoid layers on medium to long length hair unless your hair is curly—layers with straight hair reduce volume and require extra styling time to fluff up. Very short hair, however, can be volumized with layers. A short, angled bob is a good solution, or even a pixie cut. Experiment with different parts, as well. A side part, messy part, or zigzag part can add extra bounce. If your hair is healthy, try getting a body wave since curly hair will always look fuller than straight hair.

Weaves, Extensions and Chignons

For long-haired women who can’t bear the idea of chopping off their locks, consider a chignon. A chignon is a full hairpiece worn as an updo, and they come a variety of forms: curls, braids, and twists. For short-haired women who want a longer look, try a weave or extensions, but choose a lightweight hair accessory or you might pull your hair at the roots and thin it out even more.


This style gives the overall effect of dreadlocks, but by back-combing you can make your locks thicker as well. Start with clean hair and invest in a good pomade to protect your hair from breakage. Comb through clean hair and separate a one-inch section near the nape of the neck (hold the rest of the hair back with ponytail holders). Apply pomade to the section, then quickly and repeatedly comb it from the tips to the ends to fluff it up. Separate the section into two smaller parts, then wrap one side over the other in a “twist” until you reach the tips. Do this with the rest of your hair, and keep in mind that the more coils you make, the fuller your hair will appear.