Woman getting hair styled in beauty salon
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Hairstylists are tasked with creating looks that take a bit of time, but make their clients seem as though they just rolled out of bed. The piecey look is one of those styles that takes very well-groomed hair and makes it look messy. In order to achieve this look successfully, you must have a particular haircut and use a specific styling product. Piecey hairstyles, as the name suggest, incorporate the use of pomade to separate the hair into random pieces.

Cut your hair into layers regardless of length. Having your hair cut or cutting it yourself into layers will allow you to style your hair in a piecey fashion. Short and long layers will work well, but the layers are an absolute must for the piecey look.

After washing your hair, place a small amount of pomade or other hair wax in your hand. Rub the pomade or wax on your fingertips to apply to your hair. Start with a pea-sized amount to avoid excessive pomade build-up. If pomade is not available, you can create a similar look with very thick gel.

Apply the styling product to your hair toward the bottom, working your way up. Apply the most to the bottom for a heavy piecey look, or to the top for a more sophisticated and controlled piecey look. Avoid applying too much near the scalp, as it will make your hair appear stuck to the scalp.

Slide your fingers up and down on various strands of hair to create pieces or clumps, which is indicative of this hairstyle. After getting the product in your hair, it is equally important to spread it around and make the piecey look natural. Remove excess wax and use it on other parts of your hair to avoid clumping.

Wait for your hair to dry slightly and inspect it before it fully dries to make any adjustments. The point of a piecey style is for it to look natural, so break up any clumps or areas where the pomade is visible. Blending it in well with your hair will accomplish a natural piecey look.