Love the look of a liquid liner, but not the messiness and difficulty of application? You may actually have a solution already in your makeup bag. Follow this easy how-to to create a liquid-powder liner from your old eyeshadow.

Things You'll Need

Begin by choosing an eyeshadow to work with. You can use the same eyeshadow that you will apply to your lips, or pick a darker color for drama. This is a great time to try out funky colors, too, as you don’t have to pay to use it–you’re creating it!

Pull up a bit of the shadow onto your flat surface using the plastic knife or, if you’re in a pinch, onto the back of your hand. You only need a small amount. A chunk the size of a head of a match will do.

Mix the shadow with an equal amount of water using your brush. This should give the mix a pasty consistency.

Test your new liner by drawing a line on the back of your hand. If it spreads fluidly, with a powdery finish when dry, it’s perfect. If it’s crumbly or thick, add a bit more water.

Dip brush into mixture and dampen it. Smooth both sides of the brush against a flat surface to create an angle to the brush.

Apply across lashline of either the upper or lower lids. This mixture will set with a powdery finish, but a precise line. Experiment with the look and the different color mixtures you find in order to find the perfect liner for you.


  • This liner isn’t as dramatic as many pencil or liquid liners, but it’s a natural and professional looking alternative.
    Try this out in layers to make your eyes pop. If you apply a line of black, then a line of grey before applying your typical eyeshadow, you’ll give yourself a dramatic night look.
    If the line appears too solid, smudge it with a makeup sponge until you achieve the look you desire.
    Highly pigmented MAC colors are great for creating your own shadow.