How to Use Curling Iron to Flip Hair

By LeafTV Editor

There are so many different hairstyles out there, and many are difficult to create. But, flipping your hair with a curling iron is not! All you need are the proper tools, and a little guidance and you will be on your way to the perfect flipped hairdo!

Woman using curling iron on her hair
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How To Use Curling Iron To Flip Hair

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Wash and condition your hair. Smooth the knots out with a comb, and apply a liberal amount of straightening lotion.

Blow-dry your hair straight by pulling it taut with a round brush and aiming the dryer down the hair shaft, starting at the root. As you dry your hair, flip the ends out slightly by grabbing the hair with brush and rolling it away from your face.

With the hot curling iron's opening on the bottom, slightly roll 1-inch sections away from your face. Hold for about two seconds and release, as you are flipping the hair out, not creating curls. You are not rolling all the way up close to your head.

Brush each flip out and away from face with your brush. If you held the curling iron in too long, try to finger the curl out to loosen it up. Continue brushing it out and away from your face until you are satisfied with the flip.

Continue steps 3 and 4 all the way around the ends of your hair, and anywhere else you desire some flip styling. If you have layers, flip scattered layers out as well for a messy look.

Apply a light layer of hairspray all over, and finish with a small amount of shine serum, rubbing the serum between you palms before applying.


  • If you desire a more tightly curled flip like on the TV show, "That Girl," roll the curling iron up closer to you head and hold for five more seconds.