Use Buckeye for Health

Buckeye is the American version of the European horse chestnut tree. It blooms in late spring and produces white and orange flowers. Buckeye seeds mature into glossy brown nuts, bitter to the taste. Health benefits from buckeye stretch back to ancient European medicine, and the claim is that keeping a buckeye nut in a clothes pocket cures arthritis. Buckeye has since acquired a legitimate place in home remedies. A quick review reveals several useful possibilities.

Remedy 1 - Arrest Arthritis

Try buckeye tea for its anti-inflammatory health effects. All you have to do is brew buckeye bark and leaves in boiling water for 6 minutes.

Remedy 2 - Heal Hemorrhoids

Buckeye makes veins strong and flexible, so we suggest drinking tea made from buckeye bark or you can take buckeye extract. It is often sold as horse chestnut extract in health food stores. Hemorrhoids should start to shrink within a few hours.

Remedy 3 - Diminish Varicose Veins

Buckeye has the ability to improve blood flow through veins. It inhibits an enzyme responsible for breaking down vessel walls rendering them enlarged and inefficient. Again, drink tea made from buckeye leaves or take horse chestnut extract.

Remedy 4 - Reduce Edema

Take horse chestnut (buckeye) extract for swollen legs. Studies support the health benefits of buckeye when compared to placebo in treatment of edema.

Remedy 5 - Heal Rashes and Sores

Make a buckeye ointment by crushing buckeye nuts with a kitchen hammer or rolling pin. Cover with water and boil to soften. Drain the water. Cover buckeyes with lard. Bring to a second boil. Allow the mixture to cool. Swab affected areas. Healthier skin appears in a day or two.


The typical dose of horse chestnut extract is 250 mg two times a day, 12 hours apart. Buckeye can be used safely for up to 3 months. If taking buckeye, always tell the doctor and pharmacist.


People with bleeding disorders should not take buckeye. It is a blood thinner. Do not eat buckeye seeds or nuts. They are poisonous. Do not take buckeye if pregnant or lactating.