Production steps of licorice, roots, pure blocks and candy.
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Dark spots are caused by hyperpigmentation, which is an overproduction of melanin in certain areas of the skin, according to MedlinePlus. Several factors can contribute to dark spots, like overexposure to the sun or certain medications. Licorice is known for its skin brightening properties. The glabridin part of the licorice plant inhibits pigmentation, according to the National Center for Biotechnology. Licorice extract may help lighten dark spots and even out your skin tone.

Use licorice extract as a topical solution. Apply a few drops of licorice extract to a cotton ball or cotton swab and rub a thin layer over your face in the morning and at night.

Use licorice extract to make a mask. Place half of a cucumber in the blender with a few drops of licorice extract, 1 tbsp. of fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1 tbsp. sandalwood paste and 1 tbsp. of tomato juice. Apply to your face and allow it to dry. Rinse thoroughly and pat face dry. Use the mask twice per week to even out dark areas.

Moisturize your skin after applying licorice extract. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated when using licorice extract.

Consult your dermatologist if you experience side effects. Call your dermatologist immediately if you see swelling or irritation.


Call your doctor or dermatologist immediately if you experience adverse side effects from using licorice extract.