How to Use Brylcreem

By Laura Dixon

Men have been using Brylcreem to style their hair since 1928, turning to the reliable grooming product to keep their locks fashionable and under control. These days, men still use this simple hair product in its original form as well as in the company's newer gels and waxes. To get an idea of how best to use Brylcreem on your own hair, take a look at the steps below.


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Step 1

Wash and dry hair normally waiting until your hair becomes at least semi-dry, then drop a dime-sized amount of Brylcreem into your palm.


Step 2

Dip the fingertips of your other hand into the Brylcreem and rub your fingers together.


Step 3

Run fingers through your tresses loosely, shaping the hair slightly with the Brylcreem to achieve the desired look. Feel free to add another small droplet or two to areas of the hair that are harder to control.


Step 4

Create more definition in your hair, if desired, by smoothing extra Brylcreem between your fingertips to spike your hair and create a more styled, "piece-y" hairdo.