How to Use Bare Minerals Eye Shadow

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Bare Minerals eye shadows are made of pure mineral pigments designed to accentuate your eyes. With about 180 different shades available, there is a shade to match any skin tone, personality and desire. Applying Bare Minerals eye shadows is easy with the right tools and a little patience. Depth of color ranges from opaque to a sheer wash of pigment. Eye shadows are available in many styles, from a shade with just a hit of sparkle called "Glimpse," to the full sparkle of "Glimmer."

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How To Use Bare Minerals Eye Shadow

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Prime your eyelids with Bare Escentuals primer for long lasting color. Smooth one drop across your lid from lashes to eyebrow. Avoid getting primer in your eye. Primer will help prevent eye shadow from rubbing off and creasing.

Use the swirl, tap, buff method made famous by Bare Escentuals founder Leslie Blodgett. Dip your eye shadow brush gently into the eye shadow jar, collecting a tiny amount of product on your brush. Only the tip of the bristles should be coated. Swirl the brush into the lid, allowing the shadow to be distributed throughout the bristles. Tap the brush on the lid, allowing excess to fall away. Your brush is now ready for application.

Apply your eye shadow to one lid at a time, starting on the inner corner and working your way out. Cover the eye lid from the lashes to the crease and blend to eliminate harsh edges. Layer colors or blend a darker shade into your crease. With so many color choices available, your eyes become a beautiful canvas for experimentation. Mistakes happen, so don't be afraid to wipe clean and start again. Bare Minerals eye shadows come in powder form, so expect a learning curve.


  • Wet an eye shadow brush and dip into a glimmer to create a metallic effect on your eyes.

  • Wet an eyeliner brush and use any eye shadow as liquid eyeliner.

  • After priming, sweep a layer of "Bisque" over your lids for a neutral base or to even out skin tone.