Mineral Veil is one of Bare Escentuals’ most popular products. That may be due in part to the fact that it hasn’t been copied by other companies the way many other products have been. Perhaps it is also because it offers that movie star soft lens effect any time of the day or night. Maybe it is partly due to the fact that it locks in Bare Minerals products to make certain they last all day. Or maybe it is because the product can be used so many different ways. Whatever the ultimate reason for its popularity, there is no denying that Mineral Veil is a rare gem in the Bare Escentuals line.

Cleanse the skin thoroughly before applying any Bare Escentuals product.

Apply all Mineral Veil products using the same technique. Swirl a fluffy powder brush into Mineral Veil, distributing the micronized powder evenly throughout the brush. Tap off the excess and buff the product lightly into the skin.

Use Tinted Mineral Veil on the face on those days when full make-up isn’t necessary. The product includes nothing more than a “hint” of color designed to make the skin look as though it is glowing from within.

Buff Mineral Veil on top of any Bare Minerals foundation as a finishing step to achieve that soft focus lens look that movie stars have.

Choose Feather Light Mineral Veil when it is important that skin have that fresh faced look. Feather Light Mineral Veil is perfect all alone or on top of any Bare Minerals foundation. Because it is micronized even more than regular Mineral Veil, Feather Light won’t build up no matter how much product you apply.


  • Reapply any Mineral Veil product several times throughout the day to achieve that just made-up look that is normally only possible immediately after applying your makeup. The product locks all Bare Escentuals products into place until it is time to remove them.

  • Mineral Veil is translucent and delivers the perfect finishing touch anytime.

  • The product contains no additives, preservatives, chemicals or fragrances that might damage sensitive skin.

  • Minerals Veil does not contain any binding agents, talc or wax.

  • The product contains none of the dyes that are a part of many other mineral products on the market today.