How to Use Baby Wipes to Clean Makeup Brushes

By LeafTV Editor

A women's makeup bag holds many treasures. One must-have item is a makeup brush. These brushes may be used for various purposes, such as applying blush and loose powder. If the brush has several uses it may need extra care. Typically these brushes are tossed back in the bag, drawer, or kit without a second thought. Washing after each use, however, should be done to remove bacteria, dead skin, and oils that can accumulate within the fibers.

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How To Use Baby Wipes To Clean Makeup Brushes


For a mild cleaning, begin by stroking the make up brush with a fresh baby wipe. Be sure to wipe from the bottom of the brush to the tips. Try not to disturb the delicate bristles by matting or twisting the hairs. Use a gentle motion, and do not pull the bristles, as they may become loose.

If you are simply freshening up your brushes, place them on the paper towel, in an undisturbed area, and allow to air dry. For heavily soiled brushes, continue with the next steps for a more thorough cleaning

Fill the bottom of a clean sink with warm water and a few drops of baby shampoo. Immerse the brushes in the water and stroke the fibers with your finger tips, distributing the soapy water.

Allow the brushes to soak for several minutes, then drain the water and rinse thoroughly.

Pat the brushes gently with the paper towel, soaking up excess water. Squeeze gently, if necessary, and place on the wash cloth for air drying.


  • Use only a few drops of baby shampoo--too much will be difficult to rinse out.