how to use american crew fiber
Victor Holguin/Demand Media

American Crew Fiber is a resinous hair product for men that creates a high level of hold without any shine. A dense, clay-like product, American Crew Fiber helps to thicken, texture and increase the fullness of your hair, particularly hair that is between 1 and 3 inches long. Whether you want your hair standing up and spiky or slicked down, American Crew Fiber acts like putty so you can mold and sculpt your hair to the shape and style you want it to be.

Rub approximately a dime-sized amount of American Crew Fiber between your palms. Remember, a little goes a long ways. Add a touch of water to your hands if you want the product to go further, but you will have less hold.

Distribute the American Crew Fiber evenly through either damp or dry hair. To do this, spread your fingers wide and run them through your hair repeatedly, until the product has thoroughly transferred into your hair.

Brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb, or use fingers through your hair to mold and sculpt it into your desired hair style. To achieve a tousled look, ruffle your hair with the palms of your hands and then separate any clumps of hairs with your fingers. For a chunky, textured look, work the clay upward from underneath your hair, tousling and pulling up as your go. For a slicked-down look, run your hands over the top of your hair until your hair reaches the desired smoothness.

Wash or wipe your hands clean.


Styling may be easiest on clean, damp hair.


Don’t get American Crew Fiber in your eyes or ingest it. Keep it out of reach of children.