Many women curl and straighten their hair on a daily basis. Most of the time, women with straight hair want curls and vice versa. Sometimes though, your hair can be hard to manage, especially if you are trying to put in a cute little curl. Revlon designs its curling irons to make the process of curling hair as simple as possible.

Brush through your hair. This will make it easier for the Revlon curl iron to be taken out of the hair. When you are finished curling your hair, you do not want to brush it again, as this may brush out the curl.

Turn on your Revlon curling iron. If your hair is stubborn and tough to work with or if you have very thick hair, set the knob on the Revlon dial to 35 or the highest setting. Other hair types might want to start out with 20 or 25. The Revlon curling iron may beep or make some sound when it is done warming up, or you may just begin when you know it is warm. Do not touch it.

Apply the curling iron to your hair and hold in. The Revlon curl iron has a rubberized grip to hold when you are curling your hair. The Revlon curl iron also has a rubber thumb grip for the styling beam. Put your thumb on the Revlon rubber grip and depress it. Slide the opened Revlon styling beam onto the parts your hair that need straightened.

Leave the Revlon iron in each lock of hair for about 45 seconds, if your hair is straight. Mildly wavy hair will need about 20 seconds. If the iron sticks to your hair or seems as if it does not want to come out, do not worry as this is normal. The Revlon iron will straight your hair by keeping it in place for the correct period of time.

Press and hold the thumb grip on the Revlon iron to move to each of the other parts of your hair that need straightened. When you are done, press and hold the thumb grip again and remove the Revlon curl iron from your hair. Turn the knob you used to turn the Revlon iron on to turn it to the "Off" position. Unplug the Revlon curl iron. Allow it to cool completely before storing it in a cabinet or drawer. It can take a Revlon curl iron up to 30 minutes to completely cool.