By Elyse James

Manicure kits are designed to provide you with all the tools you need to keep your nails and cuticles in tip-top shape between visits to your favorite salon. Manicure sets typically come with nail clippers or scissors, a cuticle stick, a cuticle trimmer, and emery boards to smooth out the nails and file them to the correct shape. Using these products in the correct way will keep your nails strong and healthy and will save you from spending time and money to have someone else do it for you.

Give yourself regular manicures with a manicure nail kit.

Step 1

Wash your hands with a gentle soap and then dry your hands thoroughly.

Step 2

Trim your nails to the desired length and general shape that you want using the nail clipper. Thin nails should be cut using nail scissors as opposed to a heavy nail clipper, which could damage them.

Step 3

Push the cuticles back using the specially designed cuticle stick. Use the flattened end to push the cuticles back from the nail bed. Do this for each nail so that the cuticles are not in the way.

Step 4

Trim off any loose cuticle pieces, dead skin or hangnails with the nail scissors or cuticle trimmer.

Step 5

File the nails with the thin file until they are the desired shape. Use the larger block file to smooth the surface of the nails.

Step 6

Wash your hands to remove any dust and dead skin, and apply a lotion to the hands to soften them. Your nails can now be painted with a base coat, or left plain.