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A juice extractor is a machine used to get juice from fruits and vegetables. It can be used at home with almost any type of fruit and vegetable making healthy nutritious drinks for you and your family. An extractor is different from a juicer which is often just used with citrus juices like oranges and grapefruit. You will learn about the different types of juice extractors and what to look for when you purchase one. You will also learn how to use the product effectively.

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How To Use A Juice Extractor


Understand that juice extractors are manual or electric machines used for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. There are essentially three different type of machine to choose from. The automatic ones are called centrifugal or masicating juice extractors. The centrifugal juice extractor uses cutters that shred food then it is spun in a basket. The juice must be used right away because of the oxidation the machine creates.The centrifugal ejection model has a basket with slanted sides. This model is noisy but easy to use. Masticating juicers chew up the fruit and vegetables and operate at a lower speed. They produce juice that can be stored and used longer due to less oxidation. They are less expensive.

The third kind of juice extractor is the hydraulic press juicer. This is the best quality and most expensive unit. This unit cuts and grates into a vortex tribulator which is put in a linen bag then placed under the hydralic press. The press exerts great force producing juice with little oxidation that has a long shelf life. It is more work and expensive than the other types. If you are a regular avid juicer then it is worth the money.

What is the best juicer for you depends on what you are looking for. The fastest is the centrifugal juice extractor but it does not handle or process leafy green vegetables. The masticating juicer requires more work on your part but produces better quality juice. It may be harder to clean than the others but depends on the model you buy .

Juicers that keep pulp in the basket tend to yield more juice. A motor of 450 watts is recommended for a juicer. A less powerful motor will burn out and not work as effectively. Look for a juicer that has replacement parts available and some sort of warranty for at least one year. The hydraulic press juicer is the most expensive but if you are an avid juicer may be worth the investment. You can use all fruits and vegetable in this model even parsley and wheat grass. It costs more than $2,000.

To decide the right type of juice extractor for you know what kind of juice you want to drink. Is it easy to use and clean. A juicer with parts you can put in the dishwasher will suit some people. A lightweight easy to store model for those that need space is important. Safety features and a decent warranty should be considered. What is your budget know how much you want to spend on the product.