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Ginger, aside from being health-FULL is, a great flavor addition for juices and smoothies. Straight ginger juice is quite potent, and just a teaspoon goes a long way. The juice can be also be used in small amounts as an herbal remedy for indigestion and a source of vitamin supplementation. To make ginger juice at home, it's as easy as peeling and pressing. Here's how:

Slice off a 14 inch piece of ginger. Next, peel the skin by pressing the edge of a spoon against the ginger. Be sure to push into the crevices to remove all of the skin.

Chop the ginger into small pieces.

Use a garlic press lined with cheesecloth and press the ginger pieces until juice begins to produce. Allow the juice to seep through the cheesecloth into a bowl below to filter out any pulp.


Add the peeled ginger directly to a juicer if you wish to skip the grater and cheesecloth process. If using a power juicer, it is not necessary to dice the ginger into fine pieces. Juice the ginger according to the juicer's instructions. Add 1/4 cup water if the mix is too pulpy.

If you;ve got any leftover ginger after juicing, try this ultimate nighttime detox tea!

Consume the ginger by mixing with with honey or adding it to other juices.

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