How to Juice Carrots With the Magic Bullet

By LeafTV Editor

The Magic Bullet is a product from Homeland Housewares that functions as a juicer, blender and food processor. The machine comes with many accessories, one of which is a juice extractor for fruits and vegetables. Carrots are very dense vegetables and produce very little liquid, and extracting large quantities of carrot juice can be difficult.




Step 1

Assemble the Magic Bullet Juicer with its pitcher, plunger and cross blade according to the instructions in the Magic Bullet manual.


Step 2

Place the carrots close to you so they are within reach while you prepare your juice. To save time, you might choose to use baby carrots, which are pre-peeled and pre-washed, and fit nicely into the juice extractor.


Step 3

Pop out the circular center of the pitcher lid and secure the pitcher on the base, turning it clockwise until it locks. Plug the machine into a power outlet.


Step 4

While the machine runs, insert the carrots into the center of the extractor (via the "pop top" of the blender lid), and push them down using the plunger.


Step 5

With the lid still on and the extractor firmly in place, pour the carrot juice out of the pitcher.