By Jorina Fontelera

Guavas are small round or pear-shaped fruits that are soft when ripe. The white, pink, yellow or red flesh is creamy in texture, and the fruit has a sweet, musky odor. Guavas can be used in many dishes and make a great juice. They are, however, full of seeds that need to be strained out when juicing.


Rinse guavas and cut off both ends. Dice the guavas and put the diced pieces in the blender. Fill the blender with water up to 2 inches from the top. Add ¼ to ½ cup of sugar. Blend the guava water mixture until smooth.

Put the strainer over the pitcher. Pour in the guava mixture about a cup at a time and let it strain through. If the strainer clogs, stir it with a wooden spoon. Throw away the seeds and extra pulp. Strain through the next cup. Continue straining until all the juice is strained.

Put the guava juice in the refrigerator and chill before serving.