By Lea WhiteFeather

Although you can create bohemian-style waves by braiding your hair and unraveling the braid after leaving it in overnight, there is a much faster way to get the same results. If you enjoy styling your hair in a variety of ways on a regular basis, a three-barrel curling iron might be a worthwhile investment for you. A three-barrel curling iron, also known as a "triple barrel waver" or a "triple barrel curling iron," can give you wavy hair in an instant. Don't let worries about damaging your hair keep you from at least experimenting with this curling iron--look for the ceramic kind for a safer hairstyling experience.

Use a 3 Barrel Curling Iron

Step 1

Comb clean hair thoroughly in order to remove snags and tangles. This will give you smooth waves. Turn the three-barrel curling iron on and allow it to heat up.

Step 2

Squirt a pinch of heat-protective serum onto your palm. Briskly rub your hands together to activate the product before you work it into your hair. Stay away from the roots to avoid limp and dirty-looking hair, but make especially sure you get the tips, as these are the oldest parts of your hair and they need protection from heat to prevent split ends.

Step 3

Separate a fine section of hair and clamp down on it with the three-barrel curling iron. Start around a half-inch away from the roots and hold for about two to five seconds depending on the heating capacity of your curling iron. Unclamp the three-barrel curling iron and move slightly lower down the section of hair. Repeat until the entire lock of hair is wavy. If you are going for an unfinished look however--like you braided your hair instead of using the curling iron--do not clamp down on the last half-inch of each section.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 for your whole head of hair. Don't worry about each section of hair being uniform in thickness. You get a more textured and natural look by having waves that slightly vary in size. Leave the finished product as is, or style hair as desired.