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If you purchase rice in bulk, you've probably struggled with how to untie the string that closes the bag of rice. Before you give up entirely and start trying to rip the bag open or slice it with a knife, try opening it the correct way. The string pattern is the same on rice bags, feed bags and other bulk grains, so this removal method is time-tested. It's a simple process.

Set the bag of rice on the floor with the string stitching at the top.

Look closely at the string and identify the flat stitches on one side and the loopy, knotted stitches on the other. The side with the flat stitches is usually the front.

Turn the bag so the side with the flat stitches is facing you.

Starting at the top right-hand corner of the rice bag, find the first flat stitch and loosen it with your fingernail until a few stitches have unraveled.

Hold the unraveled stitches with your right hand and the string at the left-hand corner of the rice bag with your left hand. Pull on both strings simultaneously and the string will unravel.


If you are having trouble pulling out the first flat stitch with your fingernail, use a knife.


Store your rice in an airtight container so it's not exposed to moisture.