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Rice is an extremely versatile seed that you can use in both sweet and savory dishes. It is highly nutritious, but can be difficult to cook and achieve a perfect result. Typical problems include hard and chewy results, very wet and mushy rice or even burned at the bottom of the pan. Its glutinous nature also means that clean-up can also be difficult and time-consuming. Avoid many of these problems by cooking rice in a microwave oven. Use the Tupperware Microwave Rice Maker to prepare perfect rice quickly and without the messy clean-up. Serve perfect rice every time by preparing it using the microwave.

Open the rice cooker by unclipping the locks which are on the edge of the lid. Remove the lid and pan insert.

Place the rice and water into the pan.

Replace the pan insert, ensuring that the ridged edges and handles are facing upwards.

Close the lid and lock it into position by securing the lid clips.

Place the rice cooker into a microwave and cook, on high power, for approximately seven minutes.

Remove from the oven and allow the rice to stand for a further five minutes.

Remove the lid and insert. Gently stir the rice and serve it immediately.


You can cook up to 4 cups of any type of rice in the rice cooker. However, always ensure that you do not exceed the maximum mark, which is on the side of the pan.