Close up black leather bag in hand of fashion woman.

Handbags hold a plethora of items that help us navigate our day-to-day. While a broken handbag strap can be inconvenient on any given day, it's no reason to ditch the bag, especially if it was expensive or is one you can't live without. Invest the time in repairing the strap so you and your bag can get back to business.

Cloth Bags

Cloth bags are relatively easy to fix at home with a needle and thread, or with a sewing machine, should you have one. Make sure you have thread that matches the color of your bag and a properly sized needle. Reattach a cloth strap by fitting the strap back into place. Take care to make sure the strap is the right length. Pin it into place and sew it into place by hand or with a machine. Hand-sewing a strap in place is a quick and easy fix.

Replace Missing Hardware

Losing a strap can also result with missing pieces of hardware that either embellish your bag, or attach pieces together. Most crafts stores have a section with metal hardware specifically for apparel. There are also several speciality online retailers to find the right piece for your bag.

Leather Bags

Repair a thin leather strap in much the same way you'd reattach a cloth bag's strap. This time make sure that you have a heavy duty needle and strong thread. If you don't have a thimble, consider investing in one before undertaking this task as it can be tough work!

Get Crafty

If you lost the strap that broke or it seems irreparable, consider removing the entire strap and fitting the handbag for new straps. This could be a good opportunity to revamp your handbag to add longer or shorter straps, cloth or ribbon straps, wooden handles, or other decorative touches.

Consult a Professional

If you're not that handy, head to a shoe repair shop. Shoe repairmen have the equipment to deal with any kind of leather repair, not just shoes, and are a great asset for handbag repairs. If you're bag is a designer brand, visit a flagship store and inquire about having your bag sent out for custom repairs.