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Beauty techniques like eyebrow plucking have risen and waned in popularity over the centuries. Roman women shaped their eyebrows by using small pumice stones. Beauty lovers from the European Gothic period plucked their brows until they were barely visible. Today's fashion trends permit women to wear them thick or thin according to their individual taste. Most women do find it necessary to pluck their eyebrows as hairs rarely grow in a perfect shape. Tweezing the brows keeps hairs at bay longer, but some women find the pain intolerable. Treat the hair before plucking to make removal easier.

Dab a drop of hair conditioner on the tip of your forefinger. Smooth the conditioner over both brows. Rub the conditioner into the roots of the hair. This will soften the hair follicles allowing them to slip out easily.

Brush the eyebrows upward and outward using the eyebrow brush. Examine your brows in a magnifying mirror and determine where you would like to pluck your brows.

Apply a drop of topical toothache medication to one eyebrow on the areas that will be plucked. Use the medication sparingly as it does not take much. Avoid getting the medicine in your eyes. Alternatively, rub an ice cube over the eyebrow instead of toothache medication for a natural numbing agent.

Wait 30 seconds for the eyebrow to numb then begin plucking the wayward hairs. Use caution when plucking. Skin will be numb and you may not notice if you accidentally pluck skin.

Treat the opposite eyebrow with the toothache medication or ice cube and wait 30 seconds. Pluck the second eyebrow using the first as a guide.

Wash your eyebrows clean with a warm cloth after you are finished. Apply a dab of baby or mineral oil to the plucked areas.


Resist the urge to overpluck your eyebrows.

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