How to Trim False Eyelashes After You Purchase Them

By Mimi Abney

If your lashes are thin and sparse, you can easily fill them out with a fabulous pair of falsies. If fake eyelashes seem scary, have no fear; you can master this va-va-voom eye look without hiring a glam squad. The trick: Customize your fake fringe before placing them on your natural lashes. Using a quick beauty shortcut, you can cut and trim your newly purchased fake eyelashes in a few goof-proof steps.

False eyelashes
credit: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images
Prep and trim your false eyelashes before placing them on your natural lash line.

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Step 1

Apply your foundation, mascara and eye makeup first. Let your eye makeup set for 10 minutes before applying your lashes.

Step 2

Place one fake eyelash on your upper lash line. Make sure the lash covers your natural lashes completely.

Step 3

Determine where the fake lashes hang over the edge of your real lashes. Using a white eyeliner pencil, mark the point where the fake fringe is too long. Repeat this step on the other eye to create a perfect fit.

Step 4

Place the lashes down on a flat surface. Use nail scissors to cut the lashes at the white pencil mark.

Step 5

Apply glue to the base of the lashes. Bend each lash into a U-shape to reshape the lashes and create the perfect fit on your natural lash line. After five seconds of drying time, place the falsies on your natural lashes with a pair of tweezers.