How to Tint Eyelashes

By Contributing Writer

Tinting eyelashes is a great way to apply makeup on a permanent basis. Many people who are tired of putting on eyelash makeup on a daily basis find tinting to be a particularly effective answer to that problem. With only a few products and a steady hand you may dramatically reduce the amount of makeup you have to wear on your eyelashes. Read on to learn how to tint eyelashes.

Step 1

Squeeze a small amount of eyelash tint into a small container or dish and mix it with three drops of oxidant. Mix it until it creates a paste. This mix will form the basis for what makes eyelash tint so permanent.

Step 2

Dip a small amount of petroleum jelly on a Q-tip. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelash tint can stain skin, so applying this jelly will prevent any misplaced tint from getting on your skin. Be careful not to get any jelly in the eye.

Step 3

Place a cotton cosmetic pad under your eyelash to keep the tint from getting where it shouldn't. Using the applicator that came in your tint kit, apply a thin layer of tint to your eyelash, carefully applying to all necessary areas.

Step 4

Cover your eyelids with a moist cotton makeup pad. Allow this to rest for five to 15 minutes depending on how deep you want your color. This time will allow the tint to permanently set on your lashes.

Step 5

Remove the excess tint immediately to avoid discoloration. Take a moist pad and rub the tint out, starting at the root and gently moving toward the edge of the lashes. Inspect the lashes closely to ensure there is no residue on the lashes. In addition, take a fresh pad and wipe the petroleum jelly cleanly from the skin.