American socialite and style-icon Babe Paley was the first to tie a silk scarf on her purse handle. It was done on a whim, but the simple gesture sparked a style craze among millions of women. Now you, too, can embellish your favorite purse with a cute, stylish bow just by following these five easy steps.

Pick a silk scarf and purse of your choice. Iron the scarf on low heat to remove any creases or bends. This will ensure that the scarf will be easier to tie, and the bow will be wrinkle-free.

If you are using a square-shaped scarf, fold it lengthwise about once or twice depending on the size of the scarf. Before you tie it onto your purse, the scarf should be long and thin like a ribbon. Slide the scarf through the inside of the purse handle. Take the long ends of the scarf and cross them, looping one end under the other.

Take one side of the scarf and make it into a loop. Then make the opposite end of the scarf into an identical loop. This is similar to the bunny-ears loops made when tying shoelaces.

Now cross the two loops you made, and pull the one on top through the hole between them. Pull both loops tightly in opposite directions.

Smooth out any irregularities, and adjust the loops until they are even and identical in size. Keep pulling and adjusting until you get the desired look.

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