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A ponytail is one of the most enduring and classic hairstyles in recent American history. And for good reason, tying your hair in a ponytail takes seconds, lasts for hours and is appropriate for everything from workouts, to attending a wedding. Select a non-rubber hair tie. Rubber bands or hair ties rub against the surface of the hair, weakening the follicle or even ripping it out entirely, if the hair is fine enough. Nylon hair ties are least painful when sealed with glue rather than a metal clasp, which can pull hair. Tying a ponytail can be frustrating if you've never tied one before, but just like millions of girls before you, all you need is practice.

Brush your hair in the direction it grows. Tying your hair into a pony tail is more difficult with tangled locks.

Place the hair tie around your first two fingers of your dominant hand, letting it fall to the second knuckle. Place each hand on either side of your head by your ears and begin pulling the hair backward while the hair tie remains secured at the base of your fingers.

Continue pulling the hair back until your hands touch behind your head. Hand-off the left side of your hair to your right hand if you're right-handed, or vice versa if you're left handed. Your right hand should now hold all of your hair, except for the part covering the nape of your neck.

Lift the hair covering the nape of your neck upward using your left hand while continuing to secure the rest of your hair with your right hand. Without releasing any hair, add the neck nape hair to your right hand. Your right hand should now be holding all of your hair.

Use your left hand to bring the hair tie from the base of your front two fingers around the hair you're holding in your right hand. Pull the hair through the tie, holding it taunt with your left hand. Stabilize the hair flowing below the tie with your right hand.

Twist the tie around the front two fingers on your left hand and pull the hair back through the loop again. You should feel some space between your scalp and the hair tie, making your ponytail too tight can cause discomfort and hair loss.


Make your hair more manageable and soft by using conditioner during washing before pulling your hair into a ponytail.


Give your hair some downtime. Always pulling your hair back tightly can damage the follicles and cause your hairline to recede.