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Braids have been around for centuries, but have gained more popularity in recent years. There are various types of braids such as the English braid, the French braid and the cornrow. The cornrow braid is a fashionable style which is done by parting the hair in small sections and braiding it closely along the scalp. With enough practice, you too can master this skill. As you get more experienced, you will be able to try the various cornrow braiding styles that are available.

Wash and condition your hair before braiding it and use a blow dryer to dry it. It's okay to leave the hair slightly damp when braiding your hair.

Determine the style that you want the hair to be braided in. Use a comb to part off a section of your hair. Use a hair clip to separate the rest of the hair. Separate the parted section into three even parts. Firmly hold the left strand of hair with your left thumb and your forefinger, then do the same with the right strand, holding it in the equivalent way in your right hand.

Cross the left strand of hair over the middle strand, then bring the right strand over to the middle. The original middle strand is now the left strand. Continue to overlap the three strands of hair in this pattern while picking up strands of hair as the hair is braided close to the scalp. Be sure to tighten the strands as you braid them -- but not too tightly.

Braid the hair all the way down to the ends. Remove the hair clip from the previously separated hair. Part off another small section and braid the hair using the above steps. Continue until all the hair is braided. Apply some moisturizer to your scalp and the braids upon completion.


Do not braid the hair too tightly, especially around the hairline, as this will put too much stress on the scalp. This can result in baldness.