get extension glue out of your hair

Hair Extensions are beautiful but can be a pain to remove, especially the glue used to secure the false hair. To help get it safely out of your locks, follow these quick three steps that are safe and effective.

The first step to removing the glue is to stay calm and be patient. Glue is stubborn and the more you strain, the more difficult it will be to remove. Trust us.

There are a number of different solvents that can be used to assist in removing the glue. We recommend bonding glue remover which is available at all beauty supply stores. It comes in a 1 oz white bottle. This should be left on the scalp for at least an hour before being brushed out. Baby oil is a good alternative but you may need even more patience for that. Nail Polish remover works well too, but only use a small amount at a time because it is harsh on hair.

Once your chosen solvent has been on the hair for at least an hour, begin teasing the glue out with a fine tooth comb. After, you'll need to shampoo and condition, repeating the process with the comb until the glue has been safely removed. You got this!


consider getting your hair extensions sewn in next time


nail polish remover is not safe to use liberally on your hair and scalp. use with caution and avoid getting in eyes and mouth.