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Hair dryers are used by many women (and men, too) to quickly dry their hair. Drying your hair with a hair dryer can also help to style the hair (using a large round brush for straighter hair, tiny round brush to create curls). Many hair dryers even have a button for a blast of cold hair to help seal your cuticles. Hair dryers never seem to last for too long. If that's the case (and you know you can fix it), you will have to disassemble the dryer to get access to the inside of it.

Unplug the dryer before starting any work. Never work on hair dryer while it is plugged it. You can get electrocuted by doing so.

Unscrew the tiny screws located where the nozzle connects with the body of the dryer. Remove the exterior filter as well. Older filters may be screwed in like the nozzle is, but newer filters pop right off so you can easily clean them.

Remove the interior filter screen. Run it under warm water to clean out the dust, hair and debris.

Unscrew the screws at the side of the dryer holding the entire dryer housing together. Once these screws are removed and the housing pulled apart, you will have access to the entire interior of the hair dryer.